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CNseg and FIDES presidents and Brazil’s ambassador to Chile discuss expectations for FIDES 2023

08 de Novembro de 2022 - FIDES Rio 2023

On Wednesday, November 7, in Santiago, Chile, the international launch ceremony was held for the 38th Western Hemisphere Insurance Conference (FIDES 2023) of the Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies (FIDES), which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in September 2023.

During the launch event, the president of the Brazilian Confederation of Insurers (CNseg), Dyogo Oliveira, said that FIDES 2023 will be a special moment to share information and knowledge, and to discuss the Latin American insurance market’s trends. “Today we had a large audience here at the launch and we are delighted to have started the countdown to FIDES 2023,” he said.

The president of the Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies, Rodrigo Bedoya, said he is very excited about FIDES 2023, as “it will bring together the whole Latin American and global insurance community in Rio, four years after the previous conference, held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.” He added that “since then, the insurance world has transformed radically and there are many subjects to be discussed by the entire insurance community.”

The launch event was also attended by Brazil’s ambassador to Chile, Paulo Roberto Soares Pacheco. He noted that Chile is Brazil’s second biggest commercial partner in Latin America, with investments worth around US$38 billion. “I was very impressed to learn of the coverage rates and the insurance industry’s share of GDP in Brazil, as well as its growth prospects,” the ambassador said.

Watch the videos below, which feature the president of CNseg, the president of FIDES and Brazil’s ambassador to Chile.


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